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Hello there! Thanks for checking out this page. I’m glad you’re considering to hire me as your editor.

First of all, I love stories. Remove the concept of stories from my code and this cyborg would start malfunctioning. Stories define my life. I spend most of my days (and sometimes, nights) on stories. Either I’m editing, reading for magazines and publishers, or working on my own stories.

I’m the Editor-In-Chief at Blooming Dark, a company dedicated in featuring the best of dark fiction stories from upcoming and established writers from around the globe in their magazines and immersive story-videos. Dastaan World Magazine, a company that showcases excellent articles, brilliant stories and artwork from authors and artists all over the world, recently appointed me as their Editor-In-Chief. I read and review submissions for one of the best pro-paying, hope-punk magazines of today’s market, DreamForge Magazine. This year, I’ve edited four manuscripts and am looking forward to work on the next set. At a time, I never edit more than two manuscripts. This ensures total dedication to your work. Therefore, the number of manuscripts I edit per year is low, but I bet the quality is top-notch. You can see the reviews at the bottom of this page.

If you’re interested in hiring me to edit your novel, please send me an email with the following:

  • Synopsis (can be rough, but please include all significant events)
  • Any three consecutive chapters except the first three.
In your cover letter, please write a little about yourself and your book. Don’t forget to mention the genre and the word count of your story. Please note that I’m not interested in editing religious or political novels.

I also edit short stories (minimum word-count: 500 words). Please send me the following:

  • Synopsis (can be rough)
  • First three pages.
In your cover letter, please write a little about yourself. Don’t forget to mention the genre and the word count of your story. (Please note that I offer free editing sample for short stories only if the word count is large)

Once I receive your email, I will reply as soon as possible (mostly within 24 hours). If I like the story, I will make you an offer. My rates are cheap: 1.5-2 cents per word (if this is unaffordable, still contact me. We’ll see if we can work out something). I can state the exact amount only after going through your work. Payment plans are available (I’m not very strict about payments. But once we decide a plan, you must follow it.) I will also send you a free editing sample (up to 2000 words for novellas and novels, up to 1000 words for short stories and novelettes). You can evaluate my skills based on it. My editing services include both types of editing: developmental editing and copyediting (or line editing). My clients also get early access to any documents I write on writing-related subjects. These include checklists, presentations, articles, etc. Generally editors are not required to explain every correction they make. But I want to help my clients to the best of my ability. I will answer any question you have. If you hire me, I’ll definitely help you become a better writer.

Sounds like a good deal? Please send me an email at adityadeshmukhwrites@gmail.com


“Excellent editor who has a fine grasp of his craft. Picks out the minutest of inconsistencies in a story like a microscope."

Edentu Oroso
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