Vanguard Of Void

Do you feel like your head is rushing?

It is because you have entered another realm.

This hall is one of the most special chambers of the Castle of Void, for it houses memories of

The Champions of Void

Philip Fracassi

Philip Fracassi is an award-winning author and a screenwriter who lives in Los Angeles. He’s the creator of many successful works: Behold The Void, a short story collection; Shiloh, Fragile Dreams and Sacculina, novellas; Girl Missing, Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups, screenplays. His upcoming projects include the screenplays: Observe, Escape The Night, The Boys In The Village, Gothic and Vintage. He’s the founder of Equator Books, a publishing house and rare, out-of-print bookstore in Venice, CA. He has also been a live music producer for House of Blues Entertainment and produced more than 3000 live internet broadcasts.

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Scot Noel

Scot Noel is an established author, publisher and a digital marketer. He’s also passionate about creating computer games. Science Fiction and Fantasy are his favourite genres in the fiction world, and he’s a great optimist. The world is slowly drowning in an ocean of darkness. People like to think of future as a dystopian society. Scot wants to change this view. He believes in hope. His publication house, DreamForge Magazine, is a direct manifestation of this belief.

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The Kingdom Of Void.

Void Is Pleased To Have You

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