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UNREAL celebrates the sheer awesomeness of Speculative Fiction!

Each of the twenty stories is set in its own independent world. So this single book is your ticket to twenty diverse lands where mind-bending things happen!

Speculative Fiction is a vast genre, but we have got delicacies from almost every subgenre. There’s AI, magic, monkey gods, time travel, vampires, scary organisms, strange hidden-dimension particles, pirates, oppressive governments, ancient temples, weird futuristic tech . . . and of course aliens!

These short stories (by the way, none of these are very short) are some really serious works of art. And since this is an anthology, you’ll get to meet a bunch of some really terrific authors.

Download the sample, and if you like it, hop onto this amazing journey. It will be a memorable one.



“Aditya Deshmukh's Opium Hearts, is a visceral collection of poems. They are all beautifully written, rhythmic, sensuous, and reflective. They reveal the poet's deep understanding of nuanced human conditions. I highly recommend this book.”

Mehreen Ahmed

“Opium hearts is an amazing anthology, it filled me with so much emotions, I am so lucky to have found this book. Must read.”

Amazon Customer

"Right from the first page I was hooked! These poems touches various aspects of life. Well worth the read. Great job!”

Amazon Customer

“A variety of poems So Amazingly written. truly blown away by how relatable and inspiring this book is. I highly recommend it.♥️"

Amazon Customer

“An amazing collection of Poetry authored by Aditya Deshmukh which includes beautiful poems of all kinds which can soothe your soul and are a pleasure to read.
The language, the thought, the feelings, all and everything the author has put into it is just amazing!.”

Shantanu Deshmukh

“Opium Hearts is an amazing poetry anthology. I loved the pictures that accompanied each piece. I was intrigued that three writers were featured. I loved all three sections equally and will enjoy reading the poems again. I highly recommend this book of poetry."

Dr. Maria Jesu Estrada

Can you feel them? Those tentacles of the dark slithering inside your soul, like parasites, feeding on your dreams, leaving behind nothing but cold, raw fear? Do you want to feel them? The Black Veins?

Packed with 21 stories of the finest horror from bestselling and emerging authors from all around the world, Black Veins can keep you awake all night.

Black Veins is a collection of many different kinds of horror: there’s creature feature, ghost stories, psychological horror, dark fantasy, etc. There are ghosts, monsters, witches, occult objects, strange dystopian creatures, psychos, haunted houses…even a supernatural dragon! We have got everything you love. Try the sample.



“I love really horrific short stories of horror and creepiness. This collection of stories is very horrific and creepy! I love this! Every story has something that grabbed me immediately and kept me reading to the end and then, I just had to read one more story. This is a great collection for horror fans!”

Dr. Patricia Eroh

“If you like horror, this is a must have. These stories are amazing, and the variation in length gives you a quick read or time to sit down. I'll definitely be looking for more of his work.”

R.A.O. Laster

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