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“Aditya is a gifted writer. His drabbles do in a few words what most authors can't achieve in entire books.”

Steve Carr

“A great writer of short stories...😘😍”

Vinita Bansal

“Aditya is a master of the written word—especially 100-word drabbles—displaying emotion and intensity with every story.”

David Bowmore

"Great Author! Writing runs through his veins. All of his stories are very interesting, and it is great how they contain the finest details even in a short story. I think it would be unfair to say that Aditya is 'god gifted' because I know for a fact that he has worked hard to reach where he is today.”

Shreeya Ghotge

“Excellent editor who has a fine grasp of his craft. Picks out the minutest of inconsistencies in a story like a microscope. Aditya is a gifted writer to watch out for."

Edentu Oroso

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About Me

I’m a mechanical engineering student who likes exploring the mechanics of writing as much as I like tinkering with machines. My passion includes reading anything futuristic (from black hole-driven space ships to cyborgs, literally anything), sketching my future inventions (actual or those which may appear in my fiction books), binge watching TV shows, reading and writing (obviously).

Yes, I’m a man of many dreams, and it is all fueled by one intense desire: the will to create something the likes of which the world has never seen before. And while this amazing journey has no end, much like my insanity, I do hope someday I’ll reach the point when I’ll look back with satisfaction and my dreams would stop haunting me.

I’ve recently noticed I’m spending more and more time reading about the frightening calamity of climate change and other environmental issues. I’m a writer, and I believe in the power of words. I intend to use it for furthering awareness, using stories. And while I do not earn much, a part of my income will go towards helping the planet.

That’s pretty much everything about me, in fact more than what my parents know.

And yet that’s not who I really am.

All creators must pay the price of creation. Like all artists, there’s a madness inside me, a madness before which all meaning is lost. My very identity dissolves and I’m reduced into a slave of its mad will.

I’m a devotee of the Great Void, the singularity from which everything emerged aeons ago. Sometimes the Void speaks to me. He speaks of many things: grief and joy, love and hatred, hope and despair, human civilizations and the worlds beyond. His knowledge is limitless, and my finite mind is not yet capable to absorb this infinity. Yet I try to erect these strange worlds. And the Kingdom of Void grows.

Please roam in these humongous corridors. Discover the hidden chambers of this Castle. A story is etched in every wall. You will come across something that interests you.

If you don’t, send me a raven. You’re my honoured guest and you will not leave this kingdom unsatisfied.

This I promise.

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